PrivacyItemManagerBase<T> PrivacyItemManagerBase<T> PrivacyItemManagerBase<T> Class


Provides methods and properties to add, delete, retrieve, set, change, and manage an item that is a privacy item.

generic <typename T>
 where T : PrivacyItempublic ref class PrivacyItemManagerBase abstract
public abstract class PrivacyItemManagerBase<T> where T : PrivacyItem
Public MustInherit Class PrivacyItemManagerBase(Of T)
Type Parameters


m_objOwnerProfile m_objOwnerProfile m_objOwnerProfile


DefaultPolicy DefaultPolicy DefaultPolicy
Item[Int64] Item[Int64] Item[Int64]

Gets an existing item by ID.

PartitionID PartitionID PartitionID


AppendUniqueGroupList(StringCollection) AppendUniqueGroupList(StringCollection) AppendUniqueGroupList(StringCollection)
DeleteAll() DeleteAll() DeleteAll()

Deletes all the items corresponding to the given user.

GetDataSet() GetDataSet() GetDataSet()

Returns a DataSet containing all items to which the viewer has rights

GetDataSet(Privacy) GetDataSet(Privacy) GetDataSet(Privacy)

Returns a DataSet containing all items restricted to a certain level of privacy

GetGroupList() GetGroupList() GetGroupList()

Gets a StringCollection containing a list of all the existing item groups.

GetItems() GetItems() GetItems()

Returns all items to which the viewer has rights

GetItems(Privacy) GetItems(Privacy) GetItems(Privacy)

Gets all privacy items, restricted to a certain privacy level

GetItems(Privacy, Comparison<T>) GetItems(Privacy, Comparison<T>) GetItems(Privacy, Comparison<T>)
ModifyDataRow(DataRow, T) ModifyDataRow(DataRow, T) ModifyDataRow(DataRow, T)
ModifyDataTable(DataTable) ModifyDataTable(DataTable) ModifyDataTable(DataTable)
RepresentedObjectEquals(T, T) RepresentedObjectEquals(T, T) RepresentedObjectEquals(T, T)
RepresentedObjectUniqueIdentifier(T) RepresentedObjectUniqueIdentifier(T) RepresentedObjectUniqueIdentifier(T)

Extension Methods

ToJson(Object) ToJson(Object) ToJson(Object)

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