PrivacyPolicy PrivacyPolicy PrivacyPolicy Enum


Defines the privacy policy for whatever a user is applying to.

public enum class PrivacyPolicy
public enum PrivacyPolicy
Public Enum PrivacyPolicy


Disabled Disabled Disabled 8

Turns off the feature and hides all related user interface.

Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory 1

Makes it a requirement that the user fill in a value.

OptIn OptIn OptIn 2

Opt-in to provide a privacy policy value for a property.

OptOut OptOut OptOut 4

Opt-out from providing a privacy policy value for a property.


For example, users can set privacy policy to properties such as a user profile property and "My Colleagues."

For more information about privacy policies, see Privacy Policies and Writing Policy-Compliant Code. For a code example about how to set the privacy policy of a property, see How to: Set Privacy Policies for User Profile Properties.

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