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Provides an alternate entry point to user profiles rather than calling methods directly.

public ref class ProfileLoader
public class ProfileLoader
Public Class ProfileLoader


This class is intended to be used from within a Web context, where multiple Web Parts can share a single-user profile object.

Using a ProfileLoader object depends on you using the Web. If your application is on the Web, the ProfileLoader object attempts to use a Web cache and a server context. If your application is not on the Web, you must specify the server context.


GetProfileLoader() GetProfileLoader() GetProfileLoader()

Gets a ProfileLoader object from the context cache.

GetProfileLoader(ServerContext) GetProfileLoader(ServerContext) GetProfileLoader(ServerContext)

Gets a ProfileLoader object from the context cache.

GetProfileLoader(SPServiceContext) GetProfileLoader(SPServiceContext) GetProfileLoader(SPServiceContext)
GetProfileLoader(Boolean) GetProfileLoader(Boolean) GetProfileLoader(Boolean)

Gets a ProfileLoader object from the context cache.

GetProfileLoader(ServerContext, Boolean) GetProfileLoader(ServerContext, Boolean) GetProfileLoader(ServerContext, Boolean)

Gets a ProfileLoader object from the context cache.

GetProfileLoader(SPServiceContext, Boolean) GetProfileLoader(SPServiceContext, Boolean) GetProfileLoader(SPServiceContext, Boolean)
GetUserProfile() GetUserProfile() GetUserProfile()

Gets a UserProfile object corresponding to the current user.

GetUserProfileManager() GetUserProfileManager() GetUserProfileManager()

Gets a UserProfileManager object.

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