ServerLink ServerLink ServerLink ServerLink Class


Represents a published link to a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site that is targeted to the current user.

public ref class ServerLink
public class ServerLink
type ServerLink = class
Public Class ServerLink


ServerLink() ServerLink() ServerLink() ServerLink()

Initializes a new instance of the ServerLink class.


IsMember IsMember IsMember IsMember

Returns a Boolean value that specifies whether the current user has membership to the server link.

IsPublished IsPublished IsPublished IsPublished

Returns a Boolean value that specifies whether the link represented by the server link is published.

LinkType LinkType LinkType LinkType

Gets or sets the link type.

Title Title Title Title

Gets or sets the title of the published link.

Url Url Url Url

Gets or sets the URL to the published link.

Extension Methods

ToJson(Object) ToJson(Object) ToJson(Object) ToJson(Object)

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