UserProfileMembershipChange.SourceReference UserProfileMembershipChange.SourceReference UserProfileMembershipChange.SourceReference Property


Gets the membership source unique reference for the member group.

 property System::String ^ SourceReference { System::String ^ get(); };
public string SourceReference { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property SourceReference As String
Property Value

The source unique reference for a member group.


The SourceReference property is used by the membership source to uniquely reference the group. For example, the membership source unique reference for Microsoft Active Directory is the distinguished name, and for SharePoint sites, it is the ID.

The source type of a membership can be a distribution list, a SharePoint site, or a custom membership source. For more information, see the MembershipSource enumeration.

For more information about memberships and types of membership groups, see Memberships Overview. For a code example about how to create a member group and add a member to the newly created group, see How to: Create Memberships.

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