UserProfileMultiValueChange UserProfileMultiValueChange UserProfileMultiValueChange Class


Represents a change to multiple values of a property.

public ref class UserProfileMultiValueChange : Microsoft::Office::Server::UserProfiles::UserProfilePropertyValueChange
public class UserProfileMultiValueChange : Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.UserProfilePropertyValueChange
Public Class UserProfileMultiValueChange
Inherits UserProfilePropertyValueChange


For more information about working with properties with multiple values, see User Profile Properties Overview. For a code example about how to set and create multiple value properties, see How to: Set Multiple Values to a Multivalue Property and How to: Create Multivalue Properties.


AccountName AccountName AccountName

Account name of the user whose data has changed (may result in this user being loaded from the profile store)

(Inherited from UserProfileChange)
ChangedProfile ChangedProfile ChangedProfile

Gets the profile whose data has changed.

(Inherited from ProfileBaseChange)
ChangedUser ChangedUser ChangedUser

Profile of the user whose data has changed (may result in this user being loaded from the profile store)

(Inherited from UserProfileChange)
ChangedValue ChangedValue ChangedValue

Gets the values that have changed in a property.

ChangeType ChangeType ChangeType

Gets the type of change that was made to the profile.

(Inherited from ProfileBaseChange)
EventTime EventTime EventTime

Gets the UTC time when the change occurred.

(Inherited from ProfileBaseChange)
Id Id Id

Gets the event identifier associated with the change.

(Inherited from ProfileBaseChange)
NewValueInternal NewValueInternal NewValueInternal Inherited from UserProfilePropertyValueChange
NewValueProfile NewValueProfile NewValueProfile

Gets the user profile corresponding to the new value.

(Inherited from UserProfilePropertyValueChange)
NewValueTerm NewValueTerm NewValueTerm

Returns the taxonomy term object that represents the new value. Returns a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) if the new value is not a taxonomy term.

(Inherited from UserProfilePropertyValueChange)
ObjectType ObjectType ObjectType

Gets the type of object on which the change was made.

(Inherited from ProfileBaseChange)
PrivacyPolicy PrivacyPolicy PrivacyPolicy

Gets the privacy policy, if any, used by the type of object that was changed.

(Inherited from ProfileBaseChange)
ProfileProperty ProfileProperty ProfileProperty

Gets the user profile property.

(Inherited from UserProfilePropertyValueChange)
SecondaryValue SecondaryValue SecondaryValue Inherited from UserProfilePropertyValueChange


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