DocSetRibbonActions DocSetRibbonActions DocSetRibbonActions Class


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public ref class DocSetRibbonActions sealed : Microsoft::Office::Server::WebControls::DocSetControl, System::Web::UI::IPostBackEventHandler
public sealed class DocSetRibbonActions : Microsoft.Office.Server.WebControls.DocSetControl, System.Web.UI.IPostBackEventHandler
Public NotInheritable Class DocSetRibbonActions
Inherits DocSetControl
Implements IPostBackEventHandler


DocSetRibbonActions() DocSetRibbonActions() DocSetRibbonActions()

Initializes a new instance of the DocSetRibbonActions class.


OnInit(EventArgs) OnInit(EventArgs) OnInit(EventArgs)

Raises the Init event.

(Inherited from DocSetControl)
OnLoad(EventArgs) OnLoad(EventArgs) OnLoad(EventArgs)

Raises the Load event.

(Inherited from DocSetControl)
RaisePostBackEvent(String) RaisePostBackEvent(String) RaisePostBackEvent(String)

Implements the IPostBackEventHandler interface to process the delete event raised when the DeleteDocumentSet ribbon action is selected.

RegisterClientData() RegisterClientData() RegisterClientData()

Registers the client ribbon actions data of the Document Set to the welcome page.


DocumentSetFolder DocumentSetFolder DocumentSetFolder

Gets the folder of the current list item whose type is Document Set from the current SPContext as a SPFolder object.

(Inherited from DocSetControl)
DocumentSetItem DocumentSetItem DocumentSetItem

Gets the current list item whose type is Document Set from the current SPContext as a SPListItem object.

(Inherited from DocSetControl)
DocumentSetParentList DocumentSetParentList DocumentSetParentList

Gets the SPContext object as the parent list of the current Document Set.

(Inherited from DocSetControl)
DocumentSetSubFolder DocumentSetSubFolder DocumentSetSubFolder Inherited from DocSetControl

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