ServerResultCode ServerResultCode ServerResultCode Enum


Specifies a server result code.

public enum class ServerResultCode
public enum ServerResultCode
Public Enum ServerResultCode


ApplicationServerError ApplicationServerError ApplicationServerError 106

The application code threw an exception.

CantCreateDocument CantCreateDocument CantCreateDocument 103

The document cannot be created.

CantOpenDocument CantOpenDocument CantOpenDocument 102

The document cannot be opened.

DocumentAlreadyOpen DocumentAlreadyOpen DocumentAlreadyOpen 105

The document is already open. This code can occur if the OpenDocument(ViewFormat, String) method is called multiple times without corresponding CloseDocument() calls.

DocumentCannotBeTranslated DocumentCannotBeTranslated DocumentCannotBeTranslated 116

The machine translation of the document failed because of untranslatable content.

DocumentHasOCX DocumentHasOCX DocumentHasOCX 114

The document has ActiveX controls.

DocumentIsEncrypted DocumentIsEncrypted DocumentIsEncrypted 108

The document is encrypted.

DocumentIsIRMProtected DocumentIsIRMProtected DocumentIsIRMProtected 107

The document is protected using Digital Rights Management (DRM).

DocumentRejectedByGatekeeper DocumentRejectedByGatekeeper DocumentRejectedByGatekeeper 113

Gatekeeper found a problem with the document.

DocumentTooLong DocumentTooLong DocumentTooLong 117

The document cannot be machine translated because it is too long.

FileTypeBlocked FileTypeBlocked FileTypeBlocked 109

The format of this document is blocked by the administrator.

FileTypeUnsupported FileTypeUnsupported FileTypeUnsupported 110

The format of this document is unsupported.

InvalidCurrentDocument InvalidCurrentDocument InvalidCurrentDocument 104

There is no valid current document on which the specified operation can be performed.

InvalidParameter InvalidParameter InvalidParameter 101

There is an invalid parameter.

Success Success Success 0

The operation was successful.

ThirdPartyPDFRendererFailed ThirdPartyPDFRendererFailed ThirdPartyPDFRendererFailed 111

The RenderPdf dll failed.

ThirdPartyXPSRendererFailed ThirdPartyXPSRendererFailed ThirdPartyXPSRendererFailed 112

The RenderXPS dll failed.

TranslationServiceUnavailable TranslationServiceUnavailable TranslationServiceUnavailable 115

The machine translation of the document failed because the translation service is unavailable.

UnexpectedError UnexpectedError UnexpectedError 100

An unexpected error occurred.

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