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The ChangeRequestTask is a workflow task used to request a change to the document that the workflow is operating on before the task is complete. The behavior of this task is to send a request to a specified contact (the workflow owner or someone else) requesting the change. The task will be resumed once the change is completed.

public ref class ChangeRequestTask : System::Workflow::ComponentModel::Activity
public class ChangeRequestTask : System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Activity
Public Class ChangeRequestTask
Inherits Activity


Essentially, when a workflow is interrupted by this change request, the workflow will stop this task, create a new task for the contact specified so that they can complete the change, then create a new task for the resumption of the workflow approval that is assigned to the user making the request.


ChangeRequestTask() ChangeRequestTask() ChangeRequestTask()

Initializes a new instance of the ChangeRequestTask class.


UserProperty UserProperty UserProperty

A DependencyProperty used to promote the User which contains the string value of the user that the change request is being sent to.


User User User

A string containing the username of the user that the change request is being sent to.


Execute(ActivityExecutionContext) Execute(ActivityExecutionContext) Execute(ActivityExecutionContext)

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