CheckExitConditions CheckExitConditions CheckExitConditions Class


A sequential workflow activity that contains conditional logic. This activity must be a direct child of an OfficeTask activity or an activity that inherits from OfficeTask. OfficeTask

public ref class CheckExitConditions : System::Workflow::Activities::SequenceActivity
public class CheckExitConditions : System.Workflow.Activities.SequenceActivity
Public Class CheckExitConditions
Inherits SequenceActivity


This activity monitors the entire approval process, not just a specified workflow task. It also contains any specific logic that occurs when a particular completion condition is met by any of the tasks contained in the approval process.

This activity type typically contains an IfElseActivity that may include one or more IfElseBranchActivity children, and its descendants include one or more EndTaskProcess activities.


CheckExitConditions() CheckExitConditions() CheckExitConditions()

Initializes a new instance of the CheckExitConditions class.

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