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A workflow task that allows a user to designate a delegate to perform the task, while the original assigned user still maintains final approval rights.

public ref class DelegateTask : System::Workflow::ComponentModel::Activity
public class DelegateTask : System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Activity
Public Class DelegateTask
Inherits Activity


When a task is delegated, a new task is created for the delegate. The original task remains with the original user, but a relationship is established between the original task and the delegate task. Once the delegate task is complete, the original task owner will be able to approve the work completed.

In the event that the delegate task is not approved, it is made active again so that the delegate can do the work specified and once finished, the original task will resume.

A task can be delegated to only one person, and the delegation cannot be removed.


DelegateTask() DelegateTask() DelegateTask()

Initializes a new instance of the DelegateTask class.


UserProperty UserProperty UserProperty

A DependencyProperty object used to promote the User property.


User User User

A string containing the username of the user that the task is being delegated to.


Execute(ActivityExecutionContext) Execute(ActivityExecutionContext) Execute(ActivityExecutionContext)

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