Contact.FromPrincipalInfo(SPPrincipalInfo) Contact.FromPrincipalInfo(SPPrincipalInfo) Contact.FromPrincipalInfo(SPPrincipalInfo) Method


Gets a Contact object, given the information about the principal.

 static Microsoft::Office::Workflow::Utility::Contact ^ FromPrincipalInfo(Microsoft::SharePoint::Utilities::SPPrincipalInfo ^ pi);
public static Microsoft.Office.Workflow.Utility.Contact FromPrincipalInfo (Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities.SPPrincipalInfo pi);
Public Shared Function FromPrincipalInfo (pi As SPPrincipalInfo) As Contact
SPPrincipalInfo SPPrincipalInfo SPPrincipalInfo

Information about the principal, for example, display name, job title, the department the principal belongs to, e-mail address and so on.


A Contact object of the principal.


An individual user (SPUser) gains access to a Windows SharePoint Services object directly through an individual role assignment, or indirectly through membership in either a domain group or a SharePoint group (SPGroup) that has a role assignment. In a direct role assignment, the user is the principal (SPPrincipal), while in a domain group or SharePoint group role assignment, the domain group or SharePoint group is the principal.

For more information about principal objects, see Authorization object relations and object model in the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SDK.

For an example of how to use some of the members in the Contact class, see the example in ExpandGroups method.

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