ChangedTermSet ChangedTermSet ChangedTermSet Class


Indicates a change that happened to a TermSet object.

public ref class ChangedTermSet sealed : Microsoft::SharePoint::Taxonomy::ChangedItem
[Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientCallableType(ClientLibraryTargets=Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientLibraryTargets.NonRESTful, ServerTypeId="5E776E93-0414-44a7-9A54-A00C594ED47C")]
public sealed class ChangedTermSet : Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.ChangedItem
Public NotInheritable Class ChangedTermSet
Inherits ChangedItem


ChangedBy ChangedBy ChangedBy

Reserved for future use.

(Inherited from ChangedItem)
ChangedTime ChangedTime ChangedTime

Gets the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time when the change happened.

(Inherited from ChangedItem)
FromGroupId FromGroupId FromGroupId

Gets the ID of the Group object from which a TermSet object is moved.

GroupId GroupId GroupId

Gets the ID of the Group object to which the changed TermSet object belongs.

Id Id Id

Gets the ID of the changed object.

(Inherited from ChangedItem)
ItemType ItemType ItemType

Gets the type of the changed object.

(Inherited from ChangedItem)
Operation Operation Operation

Gets the type of change that occurred such as add, edit, or delete.

(Inherited from ChangedItem)

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