TaxonomyItemPicker TaxonomyItemPicker TaxonomyItemPicker Class


Represents a user control that displays a tree of taxonomy objects, enabling the user to select an object.

public ref class TaxonomyItemPicker : System::Web::UI::UserControl
public class TaxonomyItemPicker : System.Web.UI.UserControl
Public Class TaxonomyItemPicker
Inherits UserControl


The taxonomy item picker includes a text box for searching for a specific taxonomy term.


TaxonomyItemPicker() TaxonomyItemPicker() TaxonomyItemPicker()

Initializes a new instance of the TaxonomyItemPicker control.


taxonomyItemPickerGroupId taxonomyItemPickerGroupId taxonomyItemPickerGroupId
taxonomyItemPickerOptions taxonomyItemPickerOptions taxonomyItemPickerOptions
taxonomyItemPickerTermPath taxonomyItemPickerTermPath taxonomyItemPickerTermPath
taxonomyItemPickerTermSetId taxonomyItemPickerTermSetId taxonomyItemPickerTermSetId
taxonomyItemPickerTermStoreId taxonomyItemPickerTermStoreId taxonomyItemPickerTermStoreId
taxonomyItemPickerValidator taxonomyItemPickerValidator taxonomyItemPickerValidator
termSetSearchBox termSetSearchBox termSetSearchBox
termSetSearchBoxLabel termSetSearchBoxLabel termSetSearchBoxLabel


AllowSelectGroup AllowSelectGroup AllowSelectGroup

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether Group nodes are selectable in the tree.

AllowSelectTerm AllowSelectTerm AllowSelectTerm

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether Term nodes are selectable in the tree.

AllowSelectTermSet AllowSelectTermSet AllowSelectTermSet

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether TermSet nodes are selectable in the tree.

AllowSelectTermStore AllowSelectTermStore AllowSelectTermStore

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the TermStore nodes are selectable in the tree.

GroupId GroupId GroupId

Gets or sets the GroupId property.

RequireAvailableForTagging RequireAvailableForTagging RequireAvailableForTagging

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the IsAvailableForTagging property of the Term object or TermSet object is set to true or false.

RequireSelection RequireSelection RequireSelection

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the user is required to make a selection in the TaxonomyItemPicker control before submitting the form.

TermId TermId TermId

Gets or sets the TermId property.

TermSetId TermSetId TermSetId

Gets or sets the TermSetId property.

TermStoreId TermStoreId TermStoreId

Gets or sets the TermStoreId property.


GetSelectedObject(TaxonomySession) GetSelectedObject(TaxonomySession) GetSelectedObject(TaxonomySession)

Returns the taxonomy object represented by the following GUID properties: TermStoreId, GroupId, TermSetId, TermId.

OnInit(EventArgs) OnInit(EventArgs) OnInit(EventArgs)
OnLoad(EventArgs) OnLoad(EventArgs) OnLoad(EventArgs)
Render(HtmlTextWriter) Render(HtmlTextWriter) Render(HtmlTextWriter)
SetSelectedObject(Object) SetSelectedObject(Object) SetSelectedObject(Object)

Selects the specified taxonomy object, which must be of type TermStore, Group,TermSet, or Term.

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