TermSetItem.ReuseTerm(Term, Boolean) TermSetItem.ReuseTerm(Term, Boolean) TermSetItem.ReuseTerm(Term, Boolean) Method


Creates a new reused Term object below this TaxonomyItem object based on a sourceTerm.

 Microsoft::SharePoint::Taxonomy::Term ^ ReuseTerm(Microsoft::SharePoint::Taxonomy::Term ^ sourceTerm, bool reuseBranch);
[Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientCallableMethod(ClientLibraryTargets=Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientLibraryTargets.NonRESTful, ReturnObjectIdentity=true)]
public Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.Term ReuseTerm (Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.Term sourceTerm, bool reuseBranch);
Public Function ReuseTerm (sourceTerm As Term, reuseBranch As Boolean) As Term
Term Term Term

The source Term for the reused Term

Boolean Boolean Boolean

Reuse the TermSetItem and its child Terms


The newly created reused Term


The current user has insufficient permissions to perform this operation.

This operation is invalid in the Orphaned Terms term set.The operation failed.

The source Term is a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) or invalid


Reuse a term from a different term set to become a child of the current TermSetItem. The target term set cannot be the Keyword or Orphaned Term Set. Keywords cannot be reused.

The current user must have TaxonomyRights.EditTerm permission in order to use this method.CommitAll() must be called in order to save this change to the database.

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