SfcObjectState Enum


public enum SfcObjectState
type SfcObjectState = 
Public Enum SfcObjectState


Dropped 3

the object is dropped in the backend and/or is no longer in a valid state.

Existing 2

the object corresponds to an existing object in the backend.

None 0

the object not yet set or unknown. It is just there as a completeness enum value. No code has ever seem to have used it (in SFC or externally)

Pending 1

the object is just instantiated, not yet committed to the backend.

Recreate 5

the object is to be dropped and then created again. Required to enable dropping/adding again the same object to the collections.

ToBeDropped 4

the Object is marked for Deletion. Actual deletion is deferred till a commit operation like Create() etc. is called. Added for DC support.

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