Uri.UriSchemeHttp Uri.UriSchemeHttp Uri.UriSchemeHttp Uri.UriSchemeHttp Field


Spécifie que l'URI est accessible par l'intermédiaire du protocole HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).Specifies that the URI is accessed through the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Ce champ est en lecture seule.This field is read-only.

public: static initonly System::String ^ UriSchemeHttp;
public static readonly string UriSchemeHttp;
 staticval mutable UriSchemeHttp : string
Public Shared ReadOnly UriSchemeHttp As String 

Valeur de champ


L’exemple suivant crée une Uri instance et détermine si le schéma est UriSchemeHttp.The following example creates a Uri instance and determines whether the scheme is UriSchemeHttp.

Uri^ address1 = gcnew Uri( "http://www.contoso.com/index.htm#search" );
Console::WriteLine( "address 1 {0} a valid scheme name",
   Uri::CheckSchemeName( address1->Scheme ) ? (String^)" has" : " does not have" );
if ( address1->Scheme == Uri::UriSchemeHttp )
   Console::WriteLine( "Uri is HTTP type" );

Console::WriteLine( address1->HostNameType );
Uri address1 = new Uri("http://www.contoso.com/index.htm#search");
Console.WriteLine("address 1 {0} a valid scheme name",
      Uri.CheckSchemeName(address1.Scheme) ? " has" : " does not have");

if (address1.Scheme == Uri.UriSchemeHttp)
    Console.WriteLine("Uri is HTTP type");
Dim address1 As New Uri("http://www.contoso.com/index.htm#search")
Console.WriteLine("address 1 {0} a valid scheme name", IIf(Uri.CheckSchemeName(address1.Scheme), " has", " does not have")) 'TODO: For performance reasons this should be changed to nested IF statements

If address1.Scheme = Uri.UriSchemeHttp Then
    Console.WriteLine("Uri is HTTP type")
End If 

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