Enterprise Numbers and Branch Numbers

Companies receive a unique enterprise number and one or more branch numbers from the Belgian Crossroad Bank of Enterprises. These numbers are used in all correspondence to simplify communication with the Belgian administrative and legal authorities.

Enterprise Numbers

The enterprise number replaces the existing VAT number. For existing companies with a VAT registration number, the enterprise number is set as the VAT registration number preceded by a leading zero. New companies will receive a new enterprise number.

The enterprise number is printed on the following documents:

  • Outgoing sales and purchase documents
  • Financial statements
  • Reminders and finance charge memos
  • Intrastat forms and files

The enterprise number is set up in the following locations:

  • Company Information table
  • Contact card
  • Customer table
  • Vendor table

Branch Numbers

A branch number is given to a company to identify an address where at least one of the company’s activities is exercised, for example, a workshop, office, warehouse, agency, or subsidiary. Unlike the enterprise number, there is no legal requirement to print the branch number.

All branches of a company will receive a unique number that is different from the enterprise number. The branch number is transferable to another company, such as after a merger or takeover.

The branch number is set up in the following locations:

  • Company Information table
  • Location table

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