The OIOUBL Extension for Electronic Invoicing in Denmark

When you sell goods or services to customers in the Danish public sector, you must submit documents to the customer electronically in an XML file that is structured to meet the requirements of one or more Offentlig Information Online - Universal Business Language (OIOUBL) profiles.

The OIOUBL extension in Business Central makes it easy to generate these XML documents for posted sales and service invoices, credit memos, and issued reminders (which include finance charge memos).

The current requirements for sending electronic invoices are based on UBL version 2.0 standard. For more information, see the web site.

For more information about OIOUBL in general, see the website for Online OIOUBL Documentation, and the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Digitaliseringsstyrelsen website.

Getting Started with the OIOUBL Extension

By default, the OIOUBL extension is installed in Business Central. However, there are a few things to do before you can use the extension:

  • Set up payment methods, payment terms, and item charges.
  • Set up customers for OIOUBL by specifying an account code, the OILUBL profile to use to exchange documents, and the customer's Geographic Location Number (GLN).

For more information, see Set Up the OIOUBL Extension.

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