Export VAT Transactions Reports

After you create a report, you can release it, and then export it for the authorities. To change the report, make sure that the Modify Submitted Reports check box is enabled in the VAT Report Setup page. If it is not, to change the report when you want to correct an error, you will have to create a new report, add the report with the error in the original report number, and then create a corrective report. For more information, see Correct VAT Transactions Reports.

It is only possible to change the lines and fields when the document has the status Open. In the Released status, only the receipt no. is available for change. In the Submitted status, all fields are locked.

To export and submit a VAT transaction report

  1. Choose the Search for Page or Report icon, enter VAT Reports, and then choose the related link.

  2. Select an existing report or create a new report:

  3. Review the transaction details. To exclude a line from being reported to the tax authority, on the line, clear the Incl. in Report check box. To see the VAT entries that the line is based on, choose the drill-down button in the Amount field.


    You can create an empty report, that is, a report that has no lines, in the case in which there are no transactions to report.

  4. Choose the Release action. The Status field is updated to Released.

    Business Central validates that the VAT report is valid and ready for submission. If the validation fails, the errors are shown on the VAT Report Error Log page so that you can make the appropriate changes.

    After you release a VAT report, you cannot edit it. If you have to change the report after it is released, you have to first reopen it. Choose the Reopen action.

  5. Choose the Export action. The Export VAT Transactions batch job opens.

  6. Select the Detailed Export check box, depending on your needs. The field controls whether to export the data in detailed format or in aggregate. If aggregate, lines are further grouped by VAT registration number or fiscal code.

  7. Choose the OK button.

    The VAT report is exported as a .ccf file. You can now submit the report to the tax authorities by using the tool from the Italian Revenue Agency. Use the guidelines provided by the authority. For more information, see the Italian Revenue Agency.

    After you receive a response from the tax authorities, you must update the VAT report.

  8. On the General FastTab, in the Tax Auth. Receipt No. field, specify the receipt number that you received from the tax authorities. In the Tax Auth. Doc. No. field, specify the document number that you receive.

  9. Choose the Mark as Submitted action to finalize the report. The Status field is updated to Submitted.


    You can modify a report that has the status of Submitted only if you have enabled the Modify Submitted Reports check box on the VAT Report Setup page.

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