Create and Export Payment History

After you have created a proposal and made any modifications, you can process the proposal to create a payment history. Proposals can be created manually or automatically from a vendor or customer ledger entry. For more information, see Create Proposals.

For exporting payment histories, the following protocols are supported:

  • BTL91 $)
  • BBV

To create a payment history for a proposal

  1. Choose the Search for Page or Report icon, enter Telebank - Bank Overview, and then choose the related link.

    If you want to print the proposal before you process it, choose the Print button.

  2. To process the proposal, choose the Process action.

  3. To view the payment history, close the Telebank Proposal page. Make sure the same bank account on the Telebank – Bank Overview page is selected, and then choose the Payment History action.

The Payment History List page displays the payment history that you just created.

To export a payment history

  • On the Payment History List page, choose the Export action.


    A text file will be created. This file contains the path and file name as defined in the Default File Names Field field of the export protocol.

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