Remittance Errors

Remittance errors for payments may occur when data is transferred and after payments have been sent to the bank. Both kinds of errors are reported on the Return Error page.

The remittance system handles all error codes which can be sent through the return files. It is not required to manually cancel payments rejected by the bank.

Types of Errors

There are two types of remittance errors:

  • Transfer error
  • Rejection

Transfer Errors

If errors occur during transfer and no return data is created, payments have not been received by the bank.

If the payment file cannot be sent to the bank, you must cancel the payment order in the remittance system.


If there is an error or information is missing with a payment that was sent to the bank, the return will contain a rejection of the payment.


Rejections vary from bank to bank. Contact your bank regarding how to handle rejection of payments.

If there is a rejection, the error code from the bank and an explanation is displayed for the payment on the Waiting Journal page. You will have to handle the rejection based how the remittance agreement was set up. For more information, see Set Up Remittance Agreements.

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