Corrective Invoices

The corrective invoice functionality allows you to send a corrective invoice when there is an error or dispute that affects a VAT amount or fiscal data. This invoice includes all legally required data and refers to the original invoice or invoices. The original invoices cannot be voided, and remain valid. The corrective invoice contains the corrections, and reasons for these corrections.

The following options are available:

  • You can set parameters to ensure that all corrective invoices contain corrected invoice number information.
  • When preparing a corrective invoice for posting, you can select posted invoices from a list. These invoice numbers are used as identifiers for the corrected invoices.
  • You can print corrective invoices according to legal requirements.
  • From a posted invoice, you can use a reference to look up the related corrective invoices.

The corrective invoice must meet the following requirements:

  • You can correct several invoices by using a single corrective invoice. The corrective invoice must use all of the corrected invoice numbers.
  • You must clearly indicate the invoice numbers for the invoices you are correcting.
  • You can post a corrective invoice without corrected invoice numbers only when the corrections are necessary due to discounts or volume rebates.

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