Payments in Cash

As of January 1, 2012, companies in Spain are required to submit a summary for payments in cash that are greater than EUR 6.000.00 for each customer for each year.

Reporting Payments in Cash

If you are reporting payments in cash, the following sequence of tasks are listed in the order in which they are generally performed:

  • Applying payments in cash to invoices.
  • Making 340 Payments in cash declaration.

Applying Payments in Cash to Invoices

You apply payments in cash to invoices that you have received from customers. For information about how to apply payments to invoices, see Managing Receivables. Only the applied payments in cash are used for reporting payments in cash. If you do not apply payments in cash to invoices, you cannot report payments in cash.

Making 340 Payments in Cash Declaration

You use the Make 340 Declaration batch job to report 340 payments in cash declaration. For information about how to specify and select information to generate the declaration, see Make 340 Declaration.


The payments made through banks are excluded.


The amount received in cash in the declaration .txt file can contain values that differ from the total invoiced amount for a customer. This is because not all of the payments are made in cash.

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