Report 347

The Report 347 report is a required annual report sent by all companies to the tax authorities to reflect the sales or purchases in a given period. This report also includes entries such as payment in cash that was received in the period. The Report 347 report is generated in a format that is approved by the tax authorities. This file can be uploaded to the Spanish Tax Agency website or submitted on CD-ROM. For more information, see the Spanish Tax Agency website.

File Format for Report 347

The file format for Report 347 includes at least one responsible company, a deponent, and a customer/vendor register. A responsible company is a company that submits the information to the Spanish Tax Agency. Deponent information comes from the Company Information table and the request form. Customer information comes from the Customer table, the Cust. Ledger Entry table, and the G/L Entry table. Vendor information comes from the Vendor table and the Vendor Ledger Entry table.


If there are no file records, the file is not created and an error message is displayed.

File Format Restrictions for Report 347

Before creating Report 347, the following file format restrictions will be considered:

  • All amounts must be positive.
  • All text must be capitalized.
  • All alphanumeric fields must be left-aligned.
  • All numeric fields must be right-aligned.
  • If the company receives payments in cash that are over the predefined official threshold for these transactions, a four-digit year must be included. The year indicates when the invoices that are related to receivables were posted.
  • Special characters must be converted to standard characters.
  • If the field has no value, it will be blank for alphanumeric fields and populated with zeros for numeric fields.

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