Export Payments Using LSV

You can export or write Lastschrift Verfahren (LSV+) files that contain payments information after closing the LSV collection. You can send the generated files to the bank on a disk, or use an electronic file transfer such as your online banking software or an Internet portal.

To export payments using LSV

  1. Choose the Search for Page or Report icon, enter LSV Journal List, and then choose the related link.

  2. On the LSV Journal List page, select the required LSV journal.

  3. Choose the Write LSV File action.

  4. On the Write LSV File page, on the Options FastTab, fill in the fields as described in the following table.

    Field Description
    No. Specify the LSV journal number that you want to export.
    Test Specify if you are sending test deliveries to your bank. The bank does not process test files.
  5. All related lines are transferred to the LSV journal. The LSV file is generated in the predetermined folder.

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