Import ESR Payments

After you receive payment from a customer, you receive a file that contains information about paid invoices. You can receive this file from your bank electronically, or by mail.

You can import the Einzahlungsschein mit Referenznummer (ESR) invoice data from the file, print the data by using the sales invoice ESR report or the sales ESR coupon report, and verify before posting. For more information, see Print ESR Invoices.

To import ESR payments

  1. Choose the Search for Page or Report icon, enter Cash Receipt Journals, and then choose the related link.

  2. In the Batch Name field, select the required journal batch.


    The journal must be empty before you import the ESR file. You cannot import more than one ESR file into the same cash receipt journal.

  3. Choose the Read ESR File action.


    If you have defined more than one ESR bank, a warning message displays instructing you to choose the relevant bank. For more information, see the ESR Setup table.

  4. Choose the Yes button, and then choose the OK button.

The payments information is imported to the journal lines. The payments are automatically applied to the respective invoices according to unique ESR reference numbers.

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