Xbox Accessibility


We believe that Xbox should be a place where everyone has fun. Inclusive and accessible games make it possible for more gamers to play.

Learn about how to create more accessible games through guidelines and developer capabilities.


Scenario Description Solutions
Xbox Accessibility Guidelines Best practices for creating more accessible games. | Xbox Accessibility Guidelines
PlayFab Party Overview Provide players with real-time accessible voice interactions during the game. | Playfab Party Overview
PlayFab Party API API reference documentation. | PlayFab Party API
PlayFab Party speech-to-text (STT) UX guidelines Recommendations on how to integrate STT UX elements into your game. | SST UX guidelines
PlayFab Party text-to-speech (TTS) UX guidelines Recommendations on how to integrate TTS UX elements into your game. | TTS UX guideline
Narrated UI API reference for Let Games Read to Me. | Coming soon
Closed caption API API reference for closed caption. | Coming soon
High contrast API API reference for high contrast. | Coming soon
Gaming for Everyone Gaming for Everyone Professional Network. | G4E Professional Network
Inclusive Design Toolkit to practice new skills, develop new concepts, or create a prototype | Inclusive Design reference

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