Enumerations Used In JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Objects

Xbox Live Services defines JSON objects that are used in requests to, and responses from, the service. Many JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) objects used by the service have associated enumerations that specify allowed values for fields appearing in the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) objects. This section lists the enumerations used in the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) objects.

In this section

GameClipSource Enumeration

  Details the GameClipSource enumeration.

GameClipState Enumeration

  Details the GameClipState enumeration.

GameClipType Enumeration

  Details the GameClipTypes enumeration.

GameClipUriType Enumeration

  Details the GameClipUriType enumeration.

GameClipVisibility Enumeration

  Details the GameClipVisibility enumeration.

ThumbnailSource Enumeration

  Details the ThumbnailSource enumeration.

ThumbnailType Enumeration

  Details the ThumbnailType enumeration.

PermissionId Enumeration

  Details the PermissionId enumeration.

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