Document Parser Definition Schema Overview

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To register a custom document parser with Windows SharePoint Services, you must add a node to the document parser definition file that identifies your parser and the file type or types it can parse. You can specify these file types by file extension or file type program ID.

For more information about associating file types with document parsers, see the topic that includes the parser association section.

Windows SharePoint Services stores the document parser definition file, DOCPARSE.XML, at the following location:

Web Server Extensions\12\CONFIG\DOCPARSE.XML

The document parser definition schema is as follows:


Following is a list of the elements in the document parser definition schema.

  • docParsers   Required. Represents the root element of the document parser definition schema.

  • docParser   Required. Each docParser element represents a document parser and its associated file type. This element contains the following attributes:

    • Name   Required String**. The file type associated with the parser. For** docParser elements within the ByExtension element, set the Nameattribute to the file extension. For docParser elements within the ByProdId element, set the Name attribute to the program ID of the file type. To associate a parser with multiple file types, add a docParser element for each file type.

    • ProgId   Required String**.** The program ID of the parser that represents the "friendly name" of the parser. This enables you to upgrade a parser without having to edit its document parser definition entry in the DOCPARSE.XML file. However, this prevents you from installing different versions of the same parser side by side.

Document Parser Definition Example

Following is an example of a document parser definition file.

  <docParser name="abc" ProgId="AdventureWorks.AWDocumentParser.ABCParser"/>
  <DocParser name="AWApplication.Document" ProgId="AdventureWorks.AWDocumentParser.ABCParser"/>

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