IParserProperty.SetNumber Method

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Sets a document property of the Integer data type.

HRESULT SetNumber(
  int val);



[in] The document property value.

Return Value

The IParserProperty Class methods return typical HRESULT values. In general, the method should return a positive OK value when successful or a negative FAIL value when unsuccessful.


This method sets the property to the Integer data type, regardless of the property's previous data type. Take care to not change a property's data type to a data type that is incompatible with the Windows SharePoint Services column to which the property is mapped.

For IParserProperty Class methods, all output parameters of type LPCSTR are valid only as long as the IParserProperty interface pointer remains valid. The method caller should never change or free the memory pointed to by any output parameters of type LPCSTR.

If you call an IParserProperty.Set<datatype> method, then any previously returned output LCPSTR parameter may no longer be valid.

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