List Element (Site)

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Specifies a list instance to include in sites created through the site definition.

  Description = "Text"
  EmailAlias = "Text"
  EnableContentTypes = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  EnableMinorVersions = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  FeatureId = "GUID"
  ForceCheckout = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  QuickLaunchUrl = URL
  RootWebOnly = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  Title = "Text"
  Type = Integer
  Url = "URL"
  VersioningEnabled = "TRUE" | "FALSE">





Optional Text. Provides a description for the list. This attribute must be specified within a configuration in an Onet.xml file when you are adding a custom list definition to a site definition. The value of this attribute overrides the value contained with the DefaultDescription element of a Schema.xml file.


Optional Text. If e-mail notification is enabled, specifies the e-mail address to use to notify to the owner of an item when an assignment has changed or the item has been updated.


Optional Boolean. TRUE to enable management of content types in lists created through the list definition.


Optional Boolean. TRUE to enable minor versions for items in the list.


Optional GUID. Specifies the GUID of a Feature to associate with the list.


Optional Boolean. TRUE to require that documents be checked out from the document library in order to be edited.


Optional Text. Specifies the URL of the view page to open for the list through Quick Launch navigation.


Optional Boolean. TRUE to specify that the list created from the definition exists only in the root Web site of a site collection.


Required Text. The generic display name of the list.


Optional Integer. Specifies the list template type of the list. The following values are the default list template types.

100   Generic list

101   Document library

102   Survey

103   Links list

104   Announcements list

105   Contacts list

106   Events list

107   Tasks list

108   Discussion board

109   Picture library

110   Data sources

111   Site template gallery

112   User Information list

113   Web Part gallery

114   List template gallery

115   XML Form library

116   Master pages gallery

117   No-Code Workflows

118   Custom Workflow Process

119   Wiki Page library

120   Custom grid for a list

130   Data Connection library

140   Workflow History

150   Gantt Tasks list

200   Meeting Series list

201   Meeting Agenda list

202   Meeting Attendees list

204   Meeting Decisions list

207   Meeting Objectives list

210   Meeting text box

211   Meeting Things To Bring list

212   Meeting Workspace Pages list

301   Blog Posts list

302   Blog Comments list

303   Blog Categories list

1100   Issue tracking

1200   Administrator tasks list

This attribute corresponds to the Type attribute of the ListTemplate element.


Optional Text.

Specifies the path to the root of the directory that contains the ASPX files to which the list definition applies, relative to the root URL of the Web site.


Optional Boolean. TRUE to specify within a Schema.xml file that versioning is enabled by default for document libraries that are created through the list definition. Setting this attribute has no effect on existing document libraries. If TRUE, versioning can still be disabled for a document library on the New Document Library page when the library is being created.

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Maximum: Unbounded