IDocumentConversionsLauncher.ConvertFile Method

This class is reserved for internal use and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

Namespace:  Microsoft.HtmlTrans
Assembly:  Microsoft.HtmlTrans.Interface (in Microsoft.HtmlTrans.Interface.dll)


Function ConvertFile ( _
    launcherUri As String, _
    appExe As String, _
    convertFrom As String, _
    convertTo As String, _
    fileBits As Byte(), _
    taskName As String, _
    configInfo As String, _
    timeout As Integer, _
    fReturnFileBits As Boolean _
) As CreateDCInfo

Dim instance As IDocumentConversionsLauncher
Dim launcherUri As String
Dim appExe As String
Dim convertFrom As String
Dim convertTo As String
Dim fileBits As Byte()
Dim taskName As String
Dim configInfo As String
Dim timeout As Integer
Dim fReturnFileBits As Boolean
Dim returnValue As CreateDCInfo

returnValue = instance.ConvertFile(launcherUri, _
    appExe, convertFrom, convertTo, fileBits, _
    taskName, configInfo, timeout, fReturnFileBits)
CreateDCInfo ConvertFile(
    string launcherUri,
    string appExe,
    string convertFrom,
    string convertTo,
    byte[] fileBits,
    string taskName,
    string configInfo,
    int timeout,
    bool fReturnFileBits


  • fileBits
    Type: []

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.HtmlTrans.CreateDCInfo

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