FieldRefs Element (ContentType)

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Represents a collection of column references included in the content type.






Child Elements

FieldRef Element (ContentType)

RemoveFieldRef Element (ContentType)

DocumentTemplate Element (FieldRefs)

Parent Elements

ContentType Element (ContentType)


Minimum: 0

Maximum: 1


The FieldRefs element contains a collection of FieldRef Element (ContentType) elements. The FieldRef element is a reference to a column defined elsewhere, either at the site or list level. In the field reference, you can override a subset of the column properties, such as the following:

  • Display name

  • XML promotion and demotion attributes

  • Whether the field is read-only, required, or hidden

Changing these properties in the field reference only changes them as they apply to the specific content type that contains the field reference.

The DocumentTemplate Element (FieldRefs) child element is obsolete.

For more information about field references, see Fields and Field References.


The following example shows the field references collection for the Document content type. The example has been edited for clarity.

<ContentType ID="0x0101"
    <RemoveFieldRef ID=FID_Attachments Name="Attachments" /> <!-- Attachments -->
    <RemoveFieldRef ID=FID_WorkflowVersion Name="WorkflowVersion" /> <!-- WorkflowVersion -->
    <FieldRef ID=FID_SelectFilename Name="SelectFilename" /> <!-- SelectFilename -->
    <FieldRef ID=FID_FileLeafRef Name="FileLeafRef" Required="TRUE"/> <!-- FileLeafRef -->
    <FieldRef ID=FID_Created Name="Created" Hidden="TRUE" /> <!-- Created -->
    <FieldRef ID=FID_Title Name="Title" Required="FALSE" ShowInNewForm="FALSE" ShowInEditForm="TRUE"/> <!-- Title -->            

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