DeploymentRequirements Schema

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The DeploymentRequirements Schema provides validation for the Requirements.xml file exported to the content migration package. The Requirements.xml file maintains a list of deployment requirements in the form of installation requirements on the migration target, such as Feature definitions, template versions, Web Part assemblies, language packs, and so forth.

DeploymentRequirements Schema Elements and Types

The following table lists elements in the DeploymentRequirements.xsd schema file.



Requirement Element (DeploymentRequirements)

Represents specific deployment export requirement objects (SPRequirement).

Requirements Element (DeploymentRequirements)

Represents a container of deployment export requirement objects.

SPRequirementObjectType Simple Type (DeploymentRequirements)

Enumeration simple type that provides values for the Type attribute on the Requirement Element (DeploymentRequirements). The value specifies the object type of the deployment requirement specified with the content migration package.

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