ContentTypes Element (WorkflowConfig)

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Contains the content type definitions for any workflow task types used in the workflow.




Child Elements

ContentType Element (WorkflowConfig)

Parent Elements

WorkflowConfig Element


The workflow task content types defined for workflows should ultimately inherit from the WorkflowTask content type.

Use the TaskListId attribute of the Association Element (WorkflowConfig) element to specify the task list the workflow should use.

For more information about the base content types included with Windows SharePoint Services, see Base Content Type Hierarchy.

Each content type defined in the workflow configuration file must be added to the task list specified for the workflow.


The following example shows a ContentTypes element that contains a single content type for the tasks created in the workflow.

      Name="Review New Document" 
      Form="/Workflows/Notify Me/Review New Document.aspx" 
      Description="Workflow used to review new documents">

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