ListNet Members

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The ListNet Control control is an ActiveX control that works with the ListViewWebPart class to provide users with a datasheet view for editing lists in Windows SharePoint Services.

The following tables list the members that are exposed by the ListNet control.

Public Properties



ListNet.DisplaySheetTotals Property

Gets or sets a Boolean value that specifies whether the list displays a totals row for columns.

ListNet.DisplayTaskPane Property

Gets or sets a Boolean value that specifies whether to display the task pane.

Public Methods



ListNet.ClearFilter Method

Removes the filter on the ListNet control to show all items.

ListNet.NewFolder Method

Creates a new folder in a document library.

ListNet.NoFilter Method

Indicates to the ListNet control that no change has occurred in the filter.

ListNet.PartCommunicationInit Method

Fires initialization events for the ListNet control.

ListNet.PartCommunicationMain Method

Provides synchronization for part-to-part communication, indicating that all initialization events have fired so that other events can fire.

ListNet.Refresh Method

Updates the datasheet with the current list schema and with data from the server.

ListNet.SelectNewRow Method

Moves the focus to the row represented by a star in the datasheet so that a user can enter a new row in the grid.

ListNet.SetFilter Method

Sets the filter to use in the ListNet control.