NameCtrl.GetStatus Method

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Returns the online status of a user, typically to draw the pawn icon.

expression.GetStatus(bstrName, bstrID)



An expression that returns a NameCtrl Control object.


Required String. Contains the sign-in name of the user (for example,


Required String. A string that identifies the HTML <DIV> tag to update with the correct pawn icon.

Return Value

A Long that indicates the online status, which can be one of the following values:

  • 0 - Online

  • 1 - Offline

  • 2 - Away

  • 3 - Busy

  • 4 - Be Right Back

  • 5 - On the Phone

  • 6 - Out to Lunch


For every user on whom the GetStatus method is called, events are triggered when the online status of that person changes. The same bstrID value that is passed to this method is passed to an event handler.