NameCtrl Members

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A NameCtrl Control control is an ActiveX control that allows a Web page to display presence information for people, and it allows the user to take various actions with respect to those people through an on-object user interface (UI) in Windows SharePoint Services.

The following tables list the members exposed by the NameCtrl control.

Public Properties



NameCtrl.OnStatusChange Property

Gets the name of the function to call for handling status changes.

NameCtrl.PresenceEnabled Property

Gets a Boolean value that specifies whether presence is enabled.

Public Methods



NameCtrl.ShowOOUI Method

Displays an on-object UI for a specified user name and is typically used with the onmouseover event.

NameCtrl.GetStatus Method

Returns the online status of a user, typically to draw the pawn icon.

NameCtrl.HideOOUI Method

Hides the object UI.

NameCtrl.DoAccelerator Method

Opens the drop-down menu for online presence information if an on-object UI is being displayed.