SpreadsheetLauncher Members

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A SpreadsheetLauncher Control control is an ActiveX control that allows a user to import lists from spreadsheets or to verify whether a compatible spreadsheet application is available for list export in Windows SharePoint Services.

The following table lists the members exposed by the SpreadsheetLauncher control.

Public Methods



SpreadsheetLauncher.EnsureImport Method

Verifies that the control that is used for import and export of contacts is present and registered.

SpreadsheetLauncher.GetCLSID Method

Gets the class identifier (CLSID) of the SpreadsheetLauncher control.

SpreadsheetLauncher.ImportList Method

Imports a list to the SharePoint site and returns the URL for the new list.

SpreadsheetLauncher.IqyImportEnabled Method

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the control supports importing or exporting of Web query (.iqy) files.