OpenDocuments.CreateNewDocument Method

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Creates a document based on the specified document template.

expression.CreateNewDocument(bstrTemplateLocation, bstrDefaultSaveLocation)



An expression that returns an OpenDocuments Control object.


A string that contains the URL of the document template from which the document is created, or the programmatic identifier (progID) of the application to invoke when creating the document.


A string that contains the path that specifies a suggested default location for saving the new document.

Return Value

true if the document creation succeeds; otherwise false.


The following example uses the CreateNewDocument method to create a document. The example assumes the existence of a form named frmCreateDoc that has two input boxes, CreateFileType and FileSaveLoc.

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
function RefreshOnFocus()
   window.location.href = window.location;

function CreateDoc()
   NewDocumentButton = new ActiveXObject("SharePoint.OpenDocuments.2");

   if (NewDocumentButton)
      var strFileType = document.frmCreateDoc.CreateFileType.value;
      var strSaveLoc = document.frmCreateDoc.FileSaveLoc.value;

      if (NewDocumentButton.CreateNewDocument(strFileType, strSaveLoc))
         window.onfocus = RefreshOnFocus;