CreationErrorType Enumeration

Returns errors that may occur during the document conversion process.

Namespace:  Microsoft.HtmlTrans
Assembly:  Microsoft.HtmlTrans.Interface (in Microsoft.HtmlTrans.Interface.dll)


Public Enumeration CreationErrorType

Dim instance As CreationErrorType
public enum CreationErrorType


Member name Description
CE_NONE Indicates no error has occurred.
CE_CRASH Indicates the converter has crashed.
CE_HANG Indicates the converter has not responded within the time-out specified in the call to the CHICreateHtmlmethod. Increasing the time-out value might prevent this error.
CE_OTHER_BLOCKLIST Indicates that the converter failed to produce any output.
CE_SERVERFILENOTFOUND Indicates the IHtmlTrLauncher implementation could not locate the converter.
CE_RESOURCESUNAVAILABLE Indicates there is insufficient memory or other resources to complete the conversion.
CE_SPGETCONTENTFAILED Indicates the handler page could not retrieve the requested file from Windows SharePoint Services.
CE_DISKWRITEERROR Indicates a disk write error has occurred.
CE_BADINPUT Indicates the command-line arguments used to start the converter are invalid; for example, the file type is not recognized by the custom converter application.
CE_BACKENDUNAVAILABLE Indicates the objects implementing the IHtmlTrLoadBalancer or IHtmlTrLauncher interface are unavailable.
CE_ALREADYRUNNING Indicates the specified conversion task is already running.
CE_STARTTIMEOUT Indicates the converter did not begin its task before the specified time-out.
CE_OTHER Indicates an unspecified error has occurred.


The ce property of the CreateHtmlInfo object returned by the CHICreateHtml method of the IHtmlTrLauncher interface returns a value from the CreationErrorType enumeration.


For a code example that demonstrates the use of the IHtmlTrLoadBalancer and IHtmlTrLauncher interfaces, including the CreationErrorType enumeration, see the CHICreateHtml method.

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