Protocol Element (ICF)

Contains elements that describe a single custom delivery protocol used by one or more applications.



Element Characteristics

Characteristic Description

Data type


Default value



Required once or more per Protocols element.


Can be added or deleted, and then applied when updating the instance.

Element Relationships

Relationship Elements

Parent element

Protocols Element (ICF)

Child elements

ProtocolName Element for Protocol (ICF)

ClassName Element (ICF)

AssemblyName Element (ICF)


You need one Protocol element for each custom delivery protocol used by applications hosted by the instance. Do not define the Protocol element for the built-in File and SMTP delivery protocols.

For custom delivery protocols based on the IDeliveryProtocol interface, you need to provide both the fully qualified class name that implements the custom delivery protocol and the name of the assembly that contains the class.

For custom delivery protocols based on the IHttpProtocolProvider interface, just specify HttpExtension for the class name and omit the AssemblyName element. When you define a delivery channel for an HttpExtension delivery protocol, make sure to provide the arguments required by the custom protocol.


This example shows the definition of a short message service (SMS) delivery protocol that implements the IDeliveryProtocol interface. The class is named SMSProtocol and is in the Protocols namespace. The class is located in the SMS.dll assembly.


This example shows how to define a delivery protocol based on the IHttpProtocolProvider interface. The class is implemented in the Notification Services assembly, so you do not need to provide the assembly information.


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