Espace de noms Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Design

The namespace Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Design contains classes and interfaces to create user interface elements and connect them to the tasks so properties of the tasks can be set.


  Classe Description
Classe publique HelpContextAttribute Defines a HelpContextAttribute attribute for the HelpContextAttribute class.
Classe publique LocalizedEnumConverter Infrastructure.


  Interface Description
Interface publique IComponentErrorInfo Provides detailed information about an error or warning event generated by SSIS control flow or data flow components during design.
Interface publique IDtsClipboardService Provides developers using the task and transform user interface the ability to query if their task or transform was generated as part of a copy/paste or cut/paste operation.
Interface publique IDtsDesignerUtilitiesService Provides methods that let Integration Services developers invoke the Expression Builder dialog box programmatically.
Interface publique IDtsPipelineEnvironmentService Gives data flow components access to the parent Data Flow task and its TaskHost container.
Interface publique IErrorCollectionService Used to capture events from data flow components when you need to capture all the errors and warnings raised by the component instead of receiving only the last error or warning.