Getting Started with Visual FoxPro

Microsoft Visual FoxPro is the object-oriented database management system that makes it possible for you to create state-of-the-art enterprise database solutions. Visual FoxPro includes professional productivity tools, documentation, and sample code for quickly building, managing, and deploying solutions.

In This Section

  • What's New in Visual FoxPro
    Listed here are the new features and enhancements made to this version of Microsoft Visual FoxPro.
  • Installing Visual FoxPro
    This section describes the requirements for installing Microsoft Visual FoxPro and then explains how to install, customize, and start it.
  • Upgrading from Earlier Versions
    Visual FoxPro protects your investment in applications built in previous versions of FoxPro.
  • Optimizing Your System
    Visual FoxPro is designed to be the fastest relational database development system. Because of this variety, you might want to optimize the operating system, Visual FoxPro, or your application for maximum performance.
  • Product Support
    Find information about technical support and copyright for Visual FoxPro.
  • Using Visual FoxPro
    Microsoft Visual FoxPro provides the tools you require to create and to manage high-performance, 32-bit database applications and components. With its robust tools and data-centric object-oriented language, you can build modern, scalable, multi-tier applications that integrate client/server computing and the Internet.
  • Developing Visual FoxPro Applications
    This section includes conceptual information about how to develop Visual FoxPro applications, instructions for creating databases and the user interface, and other tasks needed to create Visual FoxPro applications.
  • Programming in Visual FoxPro
    Visual FoxPro is a powerful interactive data management tool, but you also can access the full power of Visual FoxPro by creating applications. Understanding object-oriented programming techniques and the event-driven model can maximize your programming productivity.
  • Reference
    The Visual FoxPro reference includes topics on productivity tools, as well as the controls, objects, properties, methods, events, statements, functions, and constants available.
  • Samples
    Visual FoxPro comes with numerous code samples that you can use for experimenting and becoming acquainted with features.
  • Utility Programs
    These tools are provided with Visual FoxPro to help speed the process of application development.