Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.AdoDotNet Namespace

The AdoDotNet namespace contains a set a classes to complement native ADO.NET functionality. That is, since ADO.NET natively provides a great deal of the functionality required to support a DDEX Provider, classes in this namespace provide default implementations of interfaces not overridden by a DDEX Provider.

Visual Studio 2008 provides in-the-box implementatins of the following:

In addition to these base implementations that you can create directly from this object, this namespace also provides implementations of the following classes:


Class Description
Public class AdoDotNetConnectionProperties Provides an implementation of the DataConnectionProperties class using the ADO.NET connection string builder base class (DbConnectionStringBuilder).
Public class AdoDotNetConnectionSupport Provides a managed implementation of the DataConnectionSupport, DataCommand, and DataTransaction classes using the ADO.NETIDbConnection, IDbCommand, and IDbTransactioninterfaces, respectively; also provides a simple way to supply an implementation of the DataSourceVersionComparerclass.
Public class AdoDotNetDataReader Provides an implementation of the DataReader class using an implementation of the ADO.NETIDataReader interface.
Public class AdoDotNetDataSourceInformation Provides information about an ADO.NET data source in the form of properties passed as name/value pairs.
Public class AdoDotNetDataTableReader Retrieves the contents of one or more DataTable objects in the form of one or more read-only, forward-only result sets.
Public class AdoDotNetObjectConceptMapper Provides a default implementation of the DataObjectConceptMapper class for ADO.NET data providers.
Public class AdoDotNetObjectEnumerator Provides an implementation of the DataObjectEnumerator class using the ADO.NET GetSchema API.
Public class AdoDotNetObjectIdentifierConverter Provides an implementation of the DataObjectIdentifierConverter class using information supplied by an ADO.NET provider, including DataSourceInformation property values and the DbCommandBuilder, QuoteIdentifier, and UnquoteIdentifiermethods.
Public class AdoDotNetObjectItemComparer Provides an implementation of the DataObjectItemComparer class that uses ADO.NET data source information to determine how to compare identifier parts.
Public class AdoDotNetParameter Represents a data parameter that is derived from a data source command, or that is passed with a command to a data source whose underlying technology is ADO.NET.
Public class AdoDotNetProviderObjectFactory Provides an implementation of the DataProviderObjectFactory class for DDEX Providers whose underlying technology is ADO.NET.
Public class AdoDotNetSchemaReader Provides a means for obtaining the schema of the IDataReader object encapsulating the result set.