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Provides callbacks to the Visual Studio environment and other processes used to manipulate a text marker.

The IVsTextMarkerClient type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method ExecMarkerCommand Executes a command on a specific marker within the text buffer.
Public method GetMarkerCommandInfo Queries the marker for the command information.
Public method GetTipText Returns the tip text for the text marker when the mouse hovers over the marker.
Public method MarkerInvalidated Called when the text associated with a marker is deleted by a user action.
Public method OnAfterMarkerChange Signals that the marker position has changed.
Public method OnAfterSpanReload Signals that the text under the marker has been altered but the marker has not been deleted.
Public method OnBeforeBufferClose Sends notification that the text buffer is about to close.
Public method OnBufferSave Determines whether the buffer was saved to a different name.


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