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Provides statement completion capabilities for the language service.

The IVsCompletionSet type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method Dismiss Releases the completion set when it is no longer needed.
Public method GetBestMatch Determines the index of the closest matching completion set, given what has been typed so far.
Public method GetCount Returns the number of items in the completion set.
Public method GetDescriptionText Returns text describing the indicated item in the completion set.
Public method GetDisplayText Returns the text of a completion set item as it appears in the completion set list.
Public method GetFlags Returns flags indicating specific behaviors of this completion set.
Public method GetImageList Returns the list of images (glyphs) supported by the completion set.
Public method GetInitialExtent Determines where to display the completion set list in the editor.
Public method OnCommit Determines how text is completed.


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