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Provides a uniform mechanism for obtaining information about a given text marker type, whether predefined by the editor or registered by a package.

The IVsTextMarkerType type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method DrawGlyph Determines where a custom marker glyph can be drawn in the widget margin.
Public method DrawGlyphEx Draws a glyph in the widget margin given a display device context and a bounding rectangle.
Public method GetBehaviorFlags Returns marker behavior flags, which define the default marker behavior.
Public method GetDefaultColors Returns the default foreground and background colors for a marker.
Public method GetDefaultLineStyle Returns the default line attributes for a custom marker type.
Public method GetDisplayName Returns the display name of the custom marker type.
Public method GetPriorityIndex Returns the priority index for the custom marker type, with the highest priority value receiving the topmost placement.
Public method GetVisualStyle Returns the appearance, location, and coloring of a custom marker type.


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