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Provides general services for anyone wanting information about the active text views.

The IVsTextManager type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method AdjustFileChangeIgnoreCount Increases or decreases the ignore count for file changes.
Public method AttemptToCheckOutBufferFromScc Method information not provided.
Public method AttemptToCheckOutBufferFromScc2 Attempts to check out a file from source code control.
Public method CreateSelectionAction Method information is not provided. Do not use this method.
Public method EnumBuffers Enumerates text buffers. Not yet implemented.
Public method EnumIndependentViews Enumerates the independent views.
Public method EnumLanguageServices Enumerates the registered language service IDs.
Public method EnumViews Enumerates views that are provided with the core editor and are associated with a particular text buffer.
Public method GetActiveView Returns the active or previously active view.
Public method GetBufferSccStatus Method information not provided. Do not use this method.
Public method GetBufferSccStatus2 Returns information on whether a buffer is under source code control and, if so, whether the file is checked in.
Public method GetMarkerTypeCount Returns the number of registered marker types within all buffers associated with the core text editor.
Public method GetMarkerTypeInterface Maps a numeric marker type ID to an interface that can be used to probe for specific information.
Public method GetPerLanguagePreferences Method information is not provided.
Public method GetRegisteredMarkerTypeID Returns a registered marker type.
Public method GetShortcutManager Returns the shortcut manager.
Public method GetUserPreferences Returns the user preferences, such as tab usage, indent size and widget margin presence for the view, frame, and language service.
Public method IgnoreNextFileChange Notifies that the next file change is to be ignored.
Public method MapFilenameToLanguageSID Given a file name, determines the registered language service, if one exists, that understands it.
Public method NavigateToLineAndColumn Finds or creates an appropriate view on the specified buffer and places the selection at the specified location.
Public method NavigateToPosition Finds or creates an appropriate view on the specified buffer and puts the selection on the specified linear position.
Public method RegisterBuffer Registers a text buffer with the text manager.
Public method RegisterIndependentView Registers a view from a source other than the core editor.
Public method RegisterView Method information is not provided.
Public method SetFileChangeAdvise Method information is not provided.
Public method SetPerLanguagePreferences Method information is not provided.
Public method SetUserPreferences Sets user preferences.
Public method SuspendFileChangeAdvise Suspends file change notifications for a given file.
Public method UnregisterBuffer Unregisters a buffer.
Public method UnregisterIndependentView Unregisters an externally-created view.
Public method UnregisterView Method information is not provided.


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